Blood Bowl Dugout

I created a dugout for use with Game Workshop’s board game Blood Bowl.  I used GIMP.  I had the file printed and laminated for use.  It seems to work pretty well. Click the thumbnail for a link to the printable PDF.

Blood Bowl Dugout

The Blood Bowl Dugout

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Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl is a fantasy football game played with miniatures on a board.  Players build teams consisting of any of various fantasy races and then duke it out on the game pitch by rolling lots of dice.  Players (both human and miniature) improve from game to game, or are injured and killed (hopefully just the miniature players!).  I’ve played in several leagues where the competitors play out a season or more, and I can claim to have won both a season and a tournament playing the game.  My most recent plays have yielded worse luck, unfortunately.  Below is a shot of my Orc team “The Little Fuzzy Pink Things” (the green guys in pink/purple armor) engaged in a slug fest with my friend Collins’ Dwarf team “The Bull City Bullies” (or something like that).

Blood Bowl Game in Progress