INLS 723: Database Systems III

Course Description

My Databases III course covered advanced database administration topics. We worked with PostgreSQL, creating installations of the software and manipulating administrative settings. We covered many topics during the course, including:

  • Normal Forms
  • Functional Dependencies
  • Transaction Scheduling and Locking
  • Query Optimization
  • Indexing
  • Specialized Database Systems (e.g. Geographical Databases, Distributed Database Systems, NoSQL Systems)

Coursework Examples

INLS 578: Protocols and Network Management

During this course, I gained an introduction to theories and practical techniques related to the construction and management of computer networks.  I learned about:

  • The 7-tier OSI network model
  • The variety of physical media used to transport network signal
  • The structure of packets
  • The creation of local area networks using hubs, routers, and wireless access points
  • The difference between latency, bandwidth, and jitter
  • Debugging network issues using tools like pingtraceroute, and WireShark
  • The structure of TCP/IP communication
  • The importance of IPv6